Every child deserves a chance.

Our Mission

Let’s Give Them a Shot is a non-profit organization whose mission is to coach, mentor and empower at-risk youth in Los Angeles to lead healthy and positive lives through sports instruction, employment and college preparation.

The Let's Give Them a Shot program subscribes to the belief that teaching the fundamentals of each sport enriches children at all levels, ages and skills.

The program strives to use sports to build the child’s character in a positive, healthy and familiar environment within their community.

A population with too few heroes.

All children are vulnerable. Certain circumstances put young people at an increased risk of falling prey to hopelessness and self-destructive choices. In many cases young people who succumb to risk factors are unable to find a helping hand; are without a caring adult who can offer a positive alternative.

At-Risk Community

When Coach Derek started Let's Give Them a Shot he was sure about only one thing: The population of the child. This population was the poor, the underprivileged, the disenfranchised, the lower economic. In Los Angeles County, researchers believe that 35% of children will live in impoverished households by 2010.

Let's Give Them a Shot

Let's Give Them a Shot is a non-profit organization that helps kids get the sports instruction they need regardless of whether or not they can afford it. Derek Locklear's goal is to teach and reach as many children as he can through sports.

Let's Give Them a Shot was designed to give hope to as many children as possible through sports programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body.

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Our Vision

How it Began

The vision for the program is to teach fundamental sports instruction in Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Softball, Soccer, Football & T-Ball to children ages 2-14 in areas where children would otherwise not have the means to participate in this type of class.

We are working closely with community leaders in different Los Angeles County cities to offer these classes directly in the community.

Our Programs

The Need

Did You Know that within at-risk youth ...
  • 18.9% of students live in poverty.
  • 12% of Seniors report illicit drug use.
  • Nearly 1,000,000 teens pregnant yearly.
  • 26% of Seniors are below basic reading levels.
  • 36% of Seniors are below basic math level.
  • 1.2 milllion students drop out annually.
  • Abuse cases to CPS: 3,000,000 annually.

Ways We Help

The Hope: How Donations Flow to At-Risk Children
Let's Give Them a Shot is expanding the program to go into even more schools and recreation centers. We need funding to provide coaches and equipment to these groups.
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Childhood Obesity
Let's Give Them a Shot also gives kids who may not be as physically active a chance to get in the habit of playing sports and exercising, which can benefit their emotional and physical well-being lifelong. Read More

Equipment Drive
Due to low resources and limited funds this at-risk population is missing what every child deserves; to have which is an opportunity to learn and play with quality instruction and equipment. Read More

The Challenge
Children of Poverty are vulnerable to internet predation, sexual activity, substance abuse, depression, suicide. Let's Give Them a Shot needs to reach more of this population. Donate Now

Every child deserves a chance.

Aware of the overwhelming negative influences facing underprivileged children in Los Angeles, Derek Locklear decided he must provide at-risk youth with alternatives to unhealthy behaviors; offering hope and a positive alternative to alienation, depression, gangs & crime.
Through this coaching and exposure to the “Coach Derek way” he was confident he could be a positive influence in these children’s lives.