Every child deserves a chance.

Coaches In Training Program

Setting New Rules in the Game of Life

About Coaches-In-Training

Let's Give Them a Shot is a program that serves underprivileged children in the at-risk neighborhoods of Los Angeles by using sports to enrich lives and teach valuable lessons.

Coach Derek with Coaches-In-Training.

The organization provides fundamental sports instruction in baseball, basketball, tennis, softball, soccer, football, and t-ball to children who do not have the means to enroll in such classes.

Coach Derek Locklear, the Founder and Head Coach of LGTS, wanting to target underserved high school students, from the same communities as his elementary school participants, has created a Coaches-In-Training Program. Through this program, a select group of teenagers would be paid to lead, coach, and mentor a group of young children. Before becoming paid employees, potential coaches would be screened in an interview process, and subsequently trained during actual LGTS sessions.

This Program Includes:
  • Mentoring
  • College Prep
  • Employment
  • Coaching Fun League
  • Coaching After School Program

Coaches-In-Training News

Congrats to our latest Graduate from Let's Give Them A Shot
Coaches in Training Program Jerson Ramirez! We look forward to
following him through his college career in Track and Field!

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Coaches In Training Members

Jerson Ramirez
LGTS Coaches In Training

Hello, my name is Jerson B. Ramirez. I am a student athlete at Thomas Jefferson High School in South Central Los Angeles. I am currently a senior and averaging B's and C's on my report card; however there's a B in particular that stands out the most in my eyes because of my background and where I am from. This B is in my Honors Literature Composition class. Are you wondering why that is so important to me?

There was once a time (about a year ago) where I knew not one word of english. I remember I use to come home from school crying because it was extremely hard trying to learn a new language. Little by little I am starting to perfect this language. Everything speaks for itself; my hard work is paying off. Nine years ago I didn’t know a single word of english, and this upcoming school year I will be taking AP Literature. Several years ago I would have never dreamed of taking an AP class in high school.

I was born in Managua, Nicaragua in 1996. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the world. Raising two kids with little to no money is extremely hard. One day my mother decided to pack our bags and with the little money she had saved, we started our road trip to the united states. The land we can now call home. The trip there was not easy. Along the way there were many obstacles. Food and shelter for example. There were times where we had nothing to eat for days, times when we had to sleep in bus terminals. My mom never gave up though. She would go out every day and fight to reach our goal and dream of a better life. My mom worked hard and long hours to provide for us. I still remember the day we arrived in the U.S.

Now that I am a little older I want a part time job to be able to help her and make things a little easier, since she's starting to get older. I am doing good in school because my dream is to get a higher education to show my mother that her hard work was worth it and that I can make myself into something special. I want to be the first one in my family to go to college. I am striving for success. I will not quit or settle for anything less than success.

I want to take the time to thank Coach Derek for the opportunity he is giving me to work with him in his promising program/company. When others doubted my work ethic and denied me the opportunity to prove to them what I am capable of; Coach Derek opened his arms and welcomed me into his program! I thank him for this incredible opportunity.

Luis Perez
LGTS Coaches In Training

Hi, my name is Luis Perez. As a young boy I can remember being the heaviest kid in my elementary school. Over the years I gained more weight; and constantly having specialists tell me to control my eating habits. I refused to listen and continued to eat the way I wanted to eat. In middle school, students would often call me hurtful names. As soon as middle school was over, I weighed over three hundred pounds! I was not comfortable with my weight, which inevitably led to feelings of depression. Summer of ninth grade is where it all began. I pushed myself every single day, working hard to lose that weight that had been holding me down for years. I started playing basketball at first and would go play at least three times a day. The season ended, so I joined a soccer team. I was good at blocking shots, so I started playing goalie. I began to enjoy running, so I decided to join track and field. In the beginning I kept coming in last place; so I started working even harder.

My favorite was long distances because I would never stop or give up before the other runners. Soon I became so fast that track was a new passion of mine. While I was running track I also decided to pick up volleyball. I was the main setter and predominant server. I also played football for two years in high school. I was now the skinniest lineman on the team! After all of this, I realized I had lost over one hundred pounds. Sports had a huge impact on my life and personal outlook, and now I want to give back. Coach Derek has given me the opportunity to do just that, and I will forever be grateful!

Jorge Arroyo
LGTS Coaches In Training

My full name is Jorge Luis Arroyo, but the kids call me "Coach George". I am 17 and a rising senior at Jefferson High. I was born and raised in South Central LA. I value education a lot because it is the only golden ticket out of my neighborhood. I currently have a 3.9 GPA and have aspirations of attending college next fall. I have interests in many different universities and colleges, however my dream school is UC Santa Barbara.

I have been playing sports for as long as I can remember. I started playing soccer when I was 5, and started basketball at 7. I have been playing basketball for my high school all 3 years and am planning to play football as well this year. Sports have always kept me awasy from trouble and distracted me from problems. I have devoted many years of practice which I intend to show and teach to the kids of our tomorrow; and I wanted to thank Coach Derek for giving me the opportunity to do so.

Every child deserves a chance.

Aware of the overwhelming negative influences facing underprivileged children in Los Angeles, Derek Locklear decided he must provide at-risk youth with alternatives to unhealthy behaviors; offering hope and a positive alternative to alienation, depression, gangs & crime.
Through this coaching and exposure to the “Coach Derek way” he was confident he could be a positive influence in these children’s lives.